From our experience, the best way to get the most out of a consultant, who will be working alongside you during your project, is to create a detailed brief, so as to avoid any miscommunication, disappointment or errors going forward.

With Africa Business venture, you can request to be matched with a consultant who will support your exporting project.  To get started, we have created a simple form that you will need to fill out where you can detail your instructions clearly for your consultant.

Step 1: Submit a Thorough Project Brief

We highly recommend you spend time creating a detailed, clear and cast-iron brief.

The more information you provide, the easier it will be for your Project Delivery Manager to find the right consultant match for you. A poorly written or incomplete brief will lead to delays in executing your project, and could in turn mean that we may decide that your particular project is not a viable one to take on.

This guide will give you the basic tools and knowledge to assist you with drafting your best project brief. In addition, your Project Delivery Manager will guide you, where necessary, so that you can be confident that the project brief you submit, is the best.

Step 2: Create the Perfect Summary for your Project

Whenever possible, provide as much information as possible, whilst withholding confidential elements of your project, until you are 100% satisfied with the consultant matched to your project.

We have listed top tips below to assist you:

  1. Always Provide a Detailed Description of your Company & Include a Company Brochure:
    1. Your consultant will not know anything about your business to begin with
    2. Help him/her to understand it
    3. You can add links to brochures, videos, whitepapers, include products demo – send as much information as possible
    4. The more your consultant understands your business, the more the proposal will be tailored to best suit your specific requirements
  2. Do not use Abbreviations/Acronyms
    1. Keep it simple
    2. Avoid any vocabulary uniquely specific to your internal organisation as this can cause confusion
  3. Be Relevant
    1. Do not overload your consultant with too much information
    2. In general, any correct project brief will fulfil the following criteria:
      1. Provide information about your company
      2. Provide key information about your project
  • Provide information about current deadlines and projects milestones


Step 3: Define Your Objectives and Background

Be clear about the overall objectives for your project. In particular, your consultant must understand how your project falls into your overall business strategy or that it is affiliated to a larger project.


Step 4: Be Very Specific About Your Requirements

If you have specific requirements, be clear about them. Where possible, provide figures and examples of targets that you need to reach.


Step 4:  Be Clear About What Methods your Consultant Should Use

If you have a specific method you would like your consultant to follow, please let us know.

Step 5: Understand your Project Timeframe

We are aware that your consultant might be a part of a bigger project, specific to your organisation. As such (and in order not to be prejudice), please be very specific about the timeframe of your project. Is there any flexibility around the timeframe? If not, please know, that our professional team of consultants will always respect and work towards the timeframes you set.

Step 6: Reporting

Please do let your consultant know upfront how you would like to be informed about the progress and status of your project. Your consultant will update your project progress using the Africa Business Venture dashboard as default. You of course, also request to be informed personally through calls, email updates, reports etc.

Step 7: Evaluation

Please detail how you intend to evaluate the work provided by the consultant? What factors will you take into consideration?

Step 8: Deliverables

What deliverables would you like to receive from your consultant?  Please be specific about the overall project delivery and do ensure that you set specific milestones.

We advise you draft clear milestones and discuss this with your consultant so as to avoid any misinterpretation. We also advise that you link payment for services, to key milestones, rather than waiting for the full project to be completed. I

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact your Project Delivery Manager.

Step 9: Resources

Will there be any resources you will need to share with your consultant in order to manage your project effectively?  Resources such as internal documents, specific software requirements, access to databases etc?

Step 10: Stakeholders

If your project requires interaction with stakeholders, please mention this to your Project Delivery Manager and Consultant.

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