You have a specific project in mind and you want to execute it. Discover how Africa Business venture can assist you.

See below to find out step by step how your project will be dealt with internally:

Step 1: Project Delivery Manager will be assigned to you

Upon receipt of your project by Africa Business Venture, a dedicated Project Delivery Manager will be assigned to your project within 2 business days. He/Her will contact you directly by email and organise a video call or a meeting.

Step 2: Your project will be reviewed by ABV

In order for ABV to select the best consultants for our clients, we need to ensure that projects are viable and not premature. During your first call/meeting with your Project Delivery Manager, your requirements for the project will be reviewed. Your Project Delivery Manager will give you suggestions for drafting your request for a project.

Step 3: Your project will be made visible to our partners

Upon validation by your Project Delivery Manager of your project, it will be made available online and our partners will be notified. Interviews will be conducted on your behalf, by ABV.

Step 4: You will receive a written proposal from our consultants

We will select the top consultants for your project to assist you. Your consultant will submit his/her proposal and their estimated fee. The consultant will contact you directly for a video call or meeting. Following the call, your Project Delivery Manager will contact you to find out whether you are happy with our consultant selection.

Step 5: The consultant and you, the client, will agree on the terms of business

You will sign an agreement with your consultant. Your consultant will be requested to submit the projects timelines and deliverables on our platform and you will be notified to approve the changes to the project and for you to qualify the project as being assigned.

Step 6: Enjoy your success!

The engagement process is now over but your Project Delivery Manager is still available throughout the project to ensure that work is done to your satisfaction.