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16 Apr: Cape Town: a future laboratory for sustainability?
One thing that is always overlooked is the potential for Africa to become a laboratory of new solutions. The continent will face unprecedented challenges in the decades to come: growing number of cities over one million inhabitants; very young populations and pressure on natural resources.
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10 Feb: Bridging the skills gap in Nigeria
Shortage of available skills is one of the most common obstacle to overcome for many companies doing business in Nigeria. The more technical your company is, the more crucial it will be to find the right talent.
04 Jan: Top 5 countries to do business in Africa in 2018
Africa is a dynamic goldmine for whomever wants to invest in the continent. More than ever Africa is eager to rise up and back itself up, just like President of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo said : “We want to build a Ghana beyond aid” and that bold statement is true beyond Ghana’s frontiers.
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18 Dec: Top African conferences to attend in 2018
For entrepreneurs, conferences are the ultimate platform for networking. You can meet so many people who might share the same interest as you. And who knows, you might even get amazing business ideas for your venture in Africa.