What is Africa Business Venture?

Africa Business Venture is an online solutions platform for companies wishing to enter African markets. Contrary to other facilitation services available on the market, the Africa Business Venture’s platform takes care of all the back-end work to enable companies to solely concentrate on developing a successful business whilst enjoying the comfort and ease of an online one-stop platform.


How does Africa Business Venture really work?

Africa Business Venture gives its clients access to a network of support and solutions-based services as well as access to a reputable marketplace. It is more affordable and efficient for you to use Africa Business Venture for your defined projects. We are dedicated to supplying you the full support your business needs.


When will I be contacted by my account manager?

Shortly after you sign up, an account manager will be assigned to you.

Your account manager will then set up an initial interview of 30 minutes, so that they can spend time understanding your company’s objectives in detail whilst detailing the resources you will need to set your project in motion.


What happens once I sign up?

After you sign up, we will be delighted to welcome you to Africa Business Venture’s network!

You will be: (i) connected to your dedicated Account Manager; (ii) your services will be activated within one business day. Your Account Manager will liaise with you in order to assess your objectives and work out how best to support your business.


Who should join Africa Business Venture?

Our platform is designed to support the needs of companies intending to trade in Africa and whose aim is to build and grow a successful business. All our services are tailored to the expectancies of companies with solid financial assistance.


In which countries in Africa do you provide your services?

We currently provide our services in the following countries: Cote d’Ivoire, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda.

We are continuously working to increase our service offering. If you are interested in investing in a specific country that is not listed above, please feel free to contact us as we tap into our extensive network to assist you. In addition to this, certain services such as tender information and research market services are available across most of the African continent.


I am already trading in Africa; can I still subscribe to Africa Business Venture?

We operate internationally and have significant business and legal experience in supporting companies worldwide with our extensive network, so our support team will be able to assist you even if you are already trading in another part of Africa. We know that starting a new business opportunity is always challenging. We assure you that we are fully equipped to support all your projects, every step of the way.


What plan should I choose?

Our services are set up to grow with your business. If you are unsure of the plan to choose, simply contact us and an agent will answer all your questions.


Can I cancel at any time?

Africa Business Venture is available on a monthly commitment except for our premium package.

With the exception of the Premium Package, you can cancel at any time and the cancellation will become effective at the next billing cycle. If you have any issues with your current services or want to cancel for any reason, please contact us so that we can advise you on next steps. We are always on hand to assist and guide you, as and when is required.


What types of projects can benefit from using Africa Business Venture’s services?

Thanks to our extensive network of business partners, we are qualified to provide support for most industries and projects. Please visit our services page for more information about the services we offer.


What makes Africa Business Venture different?

Contrary to other facilitation services, we offer a methodology to support you throughout every step of your journey:

  • We support through expert regional advice and account management service.
  • We offer a real one-stop platform with a marketplace to receive competitive quotes from a close network of partners.
  • Our partners offer reasonable fees for their services, you only pay for the service you need.


Do I need to meet with the consultant/account manager face-to-face?

We offer all our services remotely. For some projects, you may request to have your consultant working with you in your office. In that case, the conditions of execution will be discussed with your consultant.




I need a consultant for my project, how can you help me?

We have a large network of partners and will be able to support you throughout every steps of your business project. Simply post your project on Africa Business Venture Platform and your Account Manager will be in touch to review your requirements.

Following the interview, your Account Manager will facilitate an introduction and will support you in the initial phase of contacting your consultant through our online platform.


How quickly will I get my project started?

Our aim is to have the first suitable applicants with you within 24 hours; however sometimes we have projects that start on the same day as the project is posted. It depends on the complexity of your project, and the process runs to your timescales. We should stress that if you are planning for a project in advance and wish to find the perfect applicant, it is worth pre-booking them.


Can I work directly with the chosen applicant on future projects?

Our terms and conditions state that our fee applies to any projects within 12 months of the later of either the date of the Introduction, or the date of the end of a Project. This is to provide a level playing field for our consultant and to ensure that we can continue to monitor the quality of our service provision.


I am not happy with my consultant; can you help me find another consultant?

In the highly unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our consultant’s partners, please raise the issue with your account manager. We will be happy to act as an intermediary with the existing consultant to solve any kind of issues and find a new consultant to help you.


What contracts need to be signed before the project starts?

Once an introduction has been made possible by Africa Business Venture, a letter of engagement summarizing the services and the fess to be paid will be signed between you and the consultant.


How do you make sure your consultants are qualified?

All our consultants are properly vetted. In order to ensure that our consultants are qualified, we do not open our network to a large number. Instead, we personally select each consultant after a careful screening process.




How do I pay for the consultancy services?

The conditions and modalities for payment will be agreed by you and the consultant in an engagement letter.

Once the project is assigned to the consultant and subsequently completed, we invoice the consultant a fixed fee. Our fees apply for a period of 12 months from the moment we successfully introduce a client to our consultant.


What are the standard payment terms?

All pricing and payment terms are agreed between the consultant and client prior to commencing any project work.

We suggest that you request payment as follows: -For projects with a duration of one month or less, payment is made once the project is completed, and the client has confirmed that the work has been completed in line with the agreed scope of work. -For projects with a duration of more than one month, payment may be made on a monthly basis or on defined project milestones as agreed prior to commencing the project between consultant and client.


Do you charge any service fees for an introduction with a consultant?

Our primary goal is to make sure you get the support you need when you need it. We do not charge for our services, and there are no extra fees for introductions with consultants. Instead, our introduction fees are paid directly by the consultant for any successful business transaction. We charge the consultants the following fixed fees:

• 8% (plus applicable VAT) of any amounts that you pay to them for project whose total amount to be invoiced is lower than £/€/$ 10,000. Any Project is subject to a minimum payment of £ 250.

• 6% for each project whose total amount to be invoiced is above £/€/$15,000.

• 3% for each project whose total amount to be invoiced is above £/€/$ 40,000.