Case study – How we helped Alluvial reach 100,000 farmers in Africa

Alluvial is now set to tackle food production on the continent and approached Africa Business Venture to support this ambitious project.

Alluvial is the leading rice producer in the Niger Delta of Nigeria and is working to promote self-sufficiency in food production in Nigeria. Following its success in Nigeria, Alluvial is now set to tackle food production on the continent and approached Africa Business Venture to support this ambitious project.

Within the next five years, Alluvial is set to reach the following goals:

  • Solving Africa’s food insecurity through block farming
  • Reach + 100,000 farmers across Africa
  • Create and sustain 2,000,000 quality direct jobs

Alluvial is currently developing several projects/initiatives in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda through their innovative Service Delivery Model (SDM) that provides comprehensive support to small farm enterprises and smallholder farmers. This support spans training, technology, land preparation, irrigation, input supplies, and market access within contiguous farmlands in community blocks.

A project of this size, covering several regions, roadblocks are bound to come up. Thus, this came with diverse challenges too. And, capital alone cannot solve all the problems.

So, the enterprise approached Africa Business Venture to facilitate market entry in various African regions, deliver resources to streamline business services and overcoming roadblocks to reduce cost and get desired results in less time.


The Problem: Business Challenges Faced By Alluvial

To launch its operations and reach its objectives fast, Alluvial needed legal support to understand the framework under which the various projects will be subject to in each country. In particular,  Alluvial needed to register companies locally, which can be very overwhelming especially when dealing with various countries at the same time.

Following a previous bad experience with legal counsel resulting in adequate legal advice and consequently losses and waste o resources, Alluvial was keen to find a partner able to provide the following services:

  • Real local expertise
  • Fast delivery and cost effective rates
  • Execution and implementation through a central point of contact


The Solution: Why Alluvial Chose Africa Business Venture?

After a first interview to discuss the project, a work plan was drafted with the key territories to cover.

Sonia Galat, our Director, brought  her legal expertise on the table after years of working for big international firms and acted as account manager for this project.

So, the work began with Alluvial Legal Director and the following outcomes were achieved:

  • Engaging with law firms across the continent
  • Negotiating quotes based on the budget set by Alluvial.
  • Constant communication with the client and his legal counsel for a streamlined process and smoothen any road block
  • Continued support while meeting set targets within the budgets
  • Advising on policies/paperwork in different countries for paperwork to incorporate businesses locally

And it took off!


The Benefits: How Africa Business Venture Helped Alluvial  

The business and resources facilitated by Africa Business Venture directly supported Alluvial in meetings their business goals and targets. Alluvial benefitted with the following services provided by Africa Business Venture expert multidisciplinary team:

  • One point of contact
  • Payment process facilitated smoothly with ABV acting third party payment processor
  • Liaison agent between the client and the law firms
  • Coordination and information service
  • Saving on costs without overheads on an in-house team

Alluvial benefited from preferential rates and fixed costs facilitated by Africa Business Venture (ABV)’s business and legal, expertise as well as the local know-how.  It meant better costs management, work done according to the budget and the savings made to be used for the development of the business locally.

With their local know-how and business expertise, ABV successfully negotiated better rates on Alluvial’s behalf, coordinated with the invoices and all other business processes while simultaneously managing all the legalities to overcome red tape by working closely with Alluvial’s legal counsel. Also, the finance assessment by Africa Business Ventures meant that Alluvial could plan on what was needed.

In short, the farming enterprise was able to save on costs, avoid legal hassles and get the work done at an accelerated rate, subverting the tedious learning curve that is unavoidable for venture projects in challenging markets like Africa.

Thus, Africa Business Venture facilitated a streamlined network of business services and laid a strong foundation for Alluvial’s success.


The Many Wins: How services by Africa Business Venture Tackled Blockheads

Most importantly, Alluvial recently decided to venture into implementing their operations in several African countries.

ABV was given an overall budget to manage and ensure that local lawyers could work within the agreed estimate. The ABV is carrying out this ambitious project in planned phases.

With Africa Business Venture (ABV)’s support, not only Alluvial  was able to launch his platform in 10 countries with reduced cost, administration time and overcame roadblocks with Africa Business Venture (ABV)’s single window business solutions.

ABV is now also supporting other business ventures by Dimieari Von Kemedi, CEO Alluvial .

Watch Von speaking about his experience in doing business in Africa and his experience made easy by Sonia from Africa Business Ventures.


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