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With Africa Business Venture Peers Consulting, ensure the right business outcomes and realize value faster with handpicked local experts, business leaders selected specifically for their industry knowledge and local expertise.
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Our experts will answer your questions to help you plan, implement, and optimize your strategies.
  • Carefully selected network of Experts
  • +15 African countries covered
  • Practical advices ready for implementation
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Your expert is available at any time during the life of your project to answer your question.

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There is no commitment. Use our services as many times as needed. There is no minimum engagement here!

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Get an answer from an expert for any queries you may have in relation to selling your goods or services in Africa.
Available for questions requiring no more than 20 min expert time

30 min private consultation
£100 (+VAT)
Per Month

One-hour private consultation with a local expert or business leader. 

Take the right step and use an expert to help you plan and implement important decisions. 

one hour private consultation
£200 (+VAT)
Per Month

For companies looking for in-depth information and advice with a local expert or business leader to support their project.

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