Top African conferences to attend in 2019

If you're looking to get up to speed on the most recent investment and development opportunities in fields such as, Energy, Infrastructure/Construction, Investment, Finance, Economy related, Information Technology, Healthcare, Automation, Agribusiness etc on the African Continent.

Top African conferences to attend in 2019

If you’re looking to get up to speed on the most recent investment and development opportunities in fields such as, Energy, Infrastructure/Construction, Investment, Finance, Economy related, Information Technology, Healthcare, Automation, Agribusiness etc on the African Continent.

Also to hear inspiring keynotes from thought pioneers, or rub elbows with different experts, these Conferences are the spot to be. In any case, with such a large number of choices out there (and likely a restricted spending plan for going to them), picking which meetings to dedicate your opportunity to can be challenging. 

As a result, we chose to do the legwork for you and made a rundown of what we believe are the Top African conferences to go to in 2019. Whichever your industry (or spending plan), you’re certain to locate the ideal choice for you.

Here are the Top must attend African conferences in 2019:

Stanford Africa Business Forum 2019

One of such summits to attend this year especially with the sectors of innovation, business/entrepreneurship in Africa is for sure the Stanford Africa Business Forum. Among the many reasons to attend this conference is it focuses on the main objective of portraying Africa in a more positive light than that more commonly seen in the media and create awareness of the diverse and burgeoning opportunities, as well as the extraordinary growth that characterized African countries as they capitalized on years of continued stability.
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Tropic Business Summit

Another Option for the aspect of exclusive investment opportunities, business development, the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT, is the place to go. Through a large array of activities and strategic partnerships, TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT offers a unique and truly knowledge-based forum with cutting edge information on the latest development, foreign direct invest. This 3rd edition moreover represents an opportunity to meet and promote Intra African Trade, explore business opportunities or new markets while unleashing some of the continent’s best startups and innovators, and sign cooperation agreements and strategic partnerships.

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For a bit of everything for investors and startups/business development. Then, you can’t afford to miss out on the SA INNOVATION SUMMIT. If you’re looking for tech entrepreneurs to invest in, and other industries as well. Also for entrepreneurs, the summit’s Match and Invest business matching platform is an opportunity to setup one-on-one appointments and possibly strike some deals.

Overall, the summit will cover six areas of interest, namely fintech, edtech, big data and science, cities of the future, agritech and biotech.

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If you are also looking for sectors that will offer platforms for Healthcare innovation opportunities, field practicality and incorporation with the existing healthcare infrastructure. The HEALTH INNOVATION SUMMIT AFRICA is the right place to be. Particularly for the year’s Summit it will be delivering on topics that include robotics, electronic health records, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare, driving down the cost of care with technology, security, legal impact of ehealth, healthcare policy, telemedicine advances, and the future of healthcare.
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Are you ready to rub shoulders with the who’s who of Africa’s telecoms and tech industry?… then AFRICACOM is the place to be. This is the perfect platform to obtain all the right opportunities if you one who deals with connectivity infrastructure, disruptive technologies, digital services or ICT strategy, this is the place to network, learn and get deals done.
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As a person who is into establishing business partnerships which includes businesses that are flourishing; from telecoms, banking to agriculture and mining industries via engagement and business exchange between African and other companies and entrepreneurs. Then the right place to be is the AFRICA BUSINESS FORUM to have all such needs met for you and your business.
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If you are interested in the dissemination of information with latest trends in the affordable housing sector and its business development in a sustainable manner. Then AFFORDABLE HOUSING INVESTMENT SUMMIT is the place to go. They intend to aid developers tackle administrative and financial challenges; and find innovative, affordable solutions to the current housing scenario in Africa…
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This Event dubbed ANGOLA OIL & GAS 2019 is the absolute place to be once you major in the Energy sector, the economy and other related business development in Africa. This conference will put a premium on deal-making and relationship brokering as Angola and connected countries aim to attract investment in all segments of the energy chain. So this event will serve the appropriate platform for you and your business and even potential ones
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AFSIC 2019

Do you want to be informed and get down to the nitty gritty of all about investing and business development on this promising Land of Africa, cool then AFSIC 2019 got you sorted out. You may be categorised as an investor who is interested in private equity firms, direct investors, endowments, foundations, family offices, private banks, sovereign wealth funds, DFIs, IFIs, impact investors, microfinance investors alongside collaborating with a wide range of African based investors.
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You will definitely like this one if you’re into reliable sources of Energy production, efficient transport and communication systems without mentioning resilient sanitation and smart building infrastructure.The AFRICA BUSINESS DAY 2019 is the place to be, because they will focus on infrastructure in Africa as it is a critical element for doing business on the continent and literally everything concerning infrastructure and its business development, this summit will have you covered.

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